Bilbao Activity Center             
Degree Final Project with Luis M. Uriarte 

The project is located in the North of Bilbao and it is framed within the new process of transformation that isoccurring related to the estuary and the renewal of the industrial character of the Nervión river banks.

Situation Plan
The idea emerged as a social commitment with the city to promote the bonds andrelationships among the inhabitants of the neighborhoods, being a place of reference and gathering.
The aim is to raise the North End of the island, offering an end to the tour, a great public space toward the new urbanplot and a new reference point.
This action permits at the same time establish links acrossthe estuary in places where never had been and so to communicate neighborhoodsthat had remained remote. We see this as a SocialRevolution and because of this the need of a Social Center of Activities to be a point of attraction of theadjacent neighborhoods and to bring ParticipatorySocial Action opportunities to the city.
To reinforce these historical values it is going to be used an industrialized construction of the building assembly, usingrecycled materials of shipbuilding and establishing a constructive process ofassembly and industrial production.

The new volume is conceived as a building which wouldagglutinate diverse uses with a common line among them all, the social activities. The main use of thebuilding are accommodations inshared rooms, it will also harbor spaces for Art, audiovisualpresentations, meetings, exhibitions and activities related tothe estuary as canoeing or river tours.

Apart from the generation of different public spacesand outdoor settings, the project allows the possibility of overlooking on the estuary from a high viewpoint.
Ground Plan
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Third Floor Plan