"Consuming Interests: Great Ideas in Economics"
This is the final illustration used for the cover of the economics book... I wanted to convey the complexity of the field; and get my own theories in there about how things. work. And, I wanted to have the 'unseen hand of the market'...
This is the initial sketch, with the color of the 'unseen hand' exaggerated so that the art directors could see what I was hoping to do. This sketch actually took a few days of pondering, (and rearranging bits of paper on a table) so that I could make it work.
Naturally, the team was a little nervous. So I sent them an 'in-progress' version, just to reassure them...
They were rather happy with the result, and I was as well. Now, me, I would have bled the illustration to the border, and put a black band for the title... but I still think this will give a lot of readers something to ponder as they read this hefty tome.