I was so honored to be invited to design the title cards for Season 1 of Patriot, a new show on Amazon Video. Drawing from the uniquely tangible and quirky qualities of the show, it was important to me to have at least some level of practical effect in each title card—Hand-drawn elements, printed and scanned compositions, naturally photographed textures and in-camera effects. I also wanted to feature a totem from the episode in each title card. I worked closely with the show's writer/director Steven Conrad to come up with a series of symbols that would foreshadow a plot point in each episode and help set the tone. The whole project had an extremely tight deadline—everything needed to be done within a month of the start date, with the first 6 episodes needing to be done in the first 10 days. 

Check out Patriot on Amazon Video to see my title cards in action. → http://a.co/7otVHFa