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    The last supper represented in 50's Style
50's The Last Supper

Finally after long time, I was able to make a great project, thanks to my colleagues and friends for their hard work and patience in this wonderful photo shoot.

The light represents the path and perfection, she is my ally and my enemy I can not ignore it, always with me and every day I get the opportunity to understand.

This project has a profound meaning of friendships and is dedicated to my family and all my friends specially to my good friend Victoria Varona, I wish her all the best in her new journey in Paris.

Bon vent et bonne mer !

Victoria Varona
Martha Chia
Paula Garcia Silvan
Ines Rodrigues
Angelica Celis
Carlos Diaz
Melissa Hoges
Luis Princep Fabra
Hector Arturo Salazar
Alfonso Bonilla

Makeup Artist: Angelica Celis 
Art Direction and Phorographer:  ALfonso Bonilla - Bonny

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