Garage Magazine #3
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My shoot for Garage Magazine is finally in the news stands!
For this issue we challenged the concept of Time by researching and illustrating the methods of tapping deep into the consciousness with the help of psychedelics and other mind altering tools. Each image is a riddle that illustrates a specific method, and it’s for Timothy Leary followers to figure it out.
My amazing team that made this epic shoot happen:
Creative director: Shala Monroque. Art director: Anna Craycroft. Stylist: Masha Orlov. Director of Photography: Rod Lamborn. Creative Consultant: Author Daniel Pinchbeck. Set designer: Alicia Mcdaid. Hair: Owen Gould. Makeup: Andrea Helgadottir. Manicure: Mar Y Sol. Producer: Stephanie LaCava. Models: Ataui Deng and Andrej Pejic. Inspiration consultant: Mr Salander. Lighting Equipment: B2Pro. Photo equipment: Plume INC. Location: The Kitchen Theatre, nyc.
Special thanks: Fuji Ruiz @ Trump Models