A large problem that needs to be addressed within Apple Music is accessibility. There are approximately 70 million deaf people throughout the world, why is a system using controls that are inaccessible to that large of a demographic? 
People need to have a more manual way to access the same functionality of Siri without the accessibility limitations.

This new system has the ability to open up the same functionality of Siri to a whole new demographic and increase its potential use for the general public.
For the purpose of this concept design, Siri Type is sticking strictly within the realm of Apple Music and the potential it opens up to its users. 
For simple playback commands or searches, such as play more songs like this, or play top hits from 1985, the computer will immediately start that command. 
When typing more complicated inquiries the search bar will expand to start showing additional results. The image above shows a scenario where multiple results are available for the search. The additional information drops down in a larger box neatly organized into the pertinent categories including, artist, song, album, etc. When the user selects one of the available items the right side of the box will display information regarding that specific item, such as date, artist, album cover. This information allows for very quick selection without having to navigate through many screens and lets the computer do most of the work.