"Felis" means a genus of mostly small cats, including the domestic cat, margay, puma, and ocelot, sharing with certain cats of related genera an inability to roar due to ossification of the hyoid bone in the larynx.
This illustration supposed to be a flyer for one of our shows but we ended up using the management’s admat. I thought that I can do a good job with this art, I decided to work on it and see how far will I go. Surprisingly, I finished earlier than I expected maybe partly because I’m getting so use to draw digitally.
Design Process:

On this project I decided to use my style and incorporate a little bit of minimal art in the background. I focus more on the eyes since I think cat’s eye in general are beautiful.

My thought process came mostly because of the label. The label is straight forward and decided to just make an illustration instead a regular picture that they use.
As much as possible I try my best to incorporate my illustrations in my work because it gives me confidence, control and experience in the process. I believe that I still have more room to grow that’s why I grab all the opportunities that I have to use what I know and have.


I hope you guys appreciate it!!