Anobium Literary

Anobium Books is an independent publisher in Chicago, started in 2010 with the intent to purvey and promote creative writers who worked outside of stiff academic parameters established by other literary magazines. Since its conception in 2011, Anobium has released four books, three being journals which have extended their reach to promote visual art and music. Outside of the publication, Anobium's website has an active blog featuring thoughts, reviews and interviews, appealing to an expanding international creative community. I was brought on in the beginning phases to create a visual identity for Anobium, including design for printed releases, web, ads, and merchandise.


From Anobium:

The term ‘noosphere‘ was realized by Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky, who used it to describe the sphere of human thought. The shape of the noosphere is indefinite, asymmetrical, malingering. Though we take the economy of informational and linguistic exchange for granted, the structure of this immaterial psycho-‘sphere’ is not only formed, but determined by its anomalies.

is the third magazine release from Anobium out of four total printed releases. I was brought on to design the covers and interior, which required the utilization of many traditional and digital methods of creation. Photography was utilized for the cover and interior, and a full series of collage paintings was created for the middle section of the book, acting as natural pause between two larger groups of written content. Painted textures and figure Illustrations pair with specific written work in the magazine. 
Promotional clip was created using samples from photo shoots utilized in the print design.