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    Pavlovski Posad Shawl Museum
The Pavlovsky Posad
Shawl Museum

Museum of Russian Shawls is a uniquemuseum situated in Pavlovsky Posad. The museum features a rarecollection of shawls of late XVIII – early XX centuries: campaignshawls, anniversary shawls of the tsar era, historical shawls. 
The corporate identity is created with fragments of the rarest shawls that are formed into endless kaleidoscopes reflecting a wide variety of exhibits in the museum. When looking at the style carriers it is as if the viewer is in the museum and watches the best exhibits.
Thanks to the convenient and flexible grid in which the shawls are put, the corporate identity can constantly develop, keeping it recognizable. 

Idea of logo by Vova Lifanov
Red Apple 2012 (Moscow)
Popok 2012 (Yerevan) Year results 2012 (Moscow)
White Square 2013 (Minsk)
ADCR 2013 (Moscow)