Chat with professional lettering artists as they share their process creating hand drawn typography.
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Ok/3, acrylic & oil on canvas. 40x30"
OKAY/zero, acrylic & oil on canvas. 24x20"
Nude whose shadow has 5 shadows, acrylic & oil on canvas. 24x24″
Rinse Repeat, acrylic & oil on un-stretched canvas. 30x34"
Kickback, acrylic, oil & oil pastel on un-stretched canvas. 64x40″
Foundation, acrylic, spray paint & ink on canvas. 14 x 11"
Bather study, oil on panel, 12 x 12"
Forest, spray paint, acrylic, oil, oil pastel on bed sheet, 24x24"
This Lousy T-Shirt, spray paint, acrylic & oil on canvas, 24x18"
Tropic, oil on canvas, 18 x 24"
Bulbous, oil on canvas, 12 x 9"
Figure with cacti, oil on panel, 6 x 6"