Tequila Promotion
This was a challenging project. The client, Margaritaville Tequila tasked us with promoting a partnership between their brand and Corona Beer. They wanted to encourage consumers to try a new drink combination: a Corona Beer with a shot of Lime Flavored Tequila in it. We landed on a concept of a kitschy,  youth focused world called Coronaville. The key messaging being, if you enjoy a bit of lime in your Corona then the tag "It's a Twist on a Squeeze" would introduce you to another way of doing that with lime flavored tequila. The media they chose was POP material at drinking establishments. Final work included a poster and coasters that fit together like two puzzle pieces demonstrating adding the Tequila shot to the Corona. 
A different direction that was considered was creating a lime-like shot glass. The idea would have run through all executions including creating a plastic lime shot glass as a give away. 
An additional solution that was not produced was a coaster that could be turned into a funnel for pouring the Tequila shot.