Create an original artwork from 10 Adobe Stock images. 
Theme: Zesty
Getting started with this project was not easy for me. Usually I begin with a little story and vision in my head and search the appropriate images to build up the composing. This time the whole situation had turned around and 10 existing images should be wrapped in a little story and the missing pieces must be filled with my own "creative creatures" like ants, fruits and so on. Sure I'm not a blessed illustrator, but I really had a lot of fun!
Situations may also be zesty!
When I looked at the picture with the pink waves, a monster passed through my mind immediately 
and so the following story arose:

A normally cute monster makes seaside holidays and relaxes in the sun. Suddenly it is awakened from its idyll,
as an ant colony decides to relocate their transport routes just across his nose.
The nice guys want to transport zesty things like chili and limes to their friends in the jungle...