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Tattoo proyect, draw for the shoulder ( Inca weapon )
My fourht tattoo, my favorite figure of the Monopoly, the car, in a ludic concept
My first tattoo, a tribute to my zodiac sign, sagittarius with jupiter my planet,
mixture with a diamond and the creation pint of Miguel Angel
The anatomy of typography in a tribute tattoo, the most important part of the graphic design
Rita Nouvelle inspiration and draw, chest tatto, concept ( a poor people that become in king)
African mask concept, a tribute to my ancestors
Arm in 60 %, the project is in good moment, thre are little space to draw more, I am hapy with the result
Amulet tattoo for my embow, the Chrysanthemum, the happines and good vibes in a tattoo
Idea tattoo and african concept ( classic nigga comb)
Free illustration, a power of the nature, first is the nature care, after the war
Free draw, concep photographer, dotwork illustration
Free draw a dog in dotwork style, a portrait of a dog in a Perú landscape
The totem tattoo, the hawk, my protector animal by the celtic zodiac
Idea tatto ffor the arm, next tattoo in dotwork, a tribute to the colors
The Lost Draw, one of my favorite draw