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Site for auto catalogues
    Online service of selection of spare parts, on auto catalogs. Buyers find needed car. After - they
    determine article of needed part, using drawings of nodes of the car. Having determined the
    article - the service shows the buyer all offers from manufacturer of this part, as well as
    analogues of this part. Offers are formed from price-lists, which are uploaded to the site by
    suppliers from all over the country. Each offer has its price, delivery time and supplier rating.
    As soon as buyer pays the offer on the site, supplier sends it.

For this company the following work was done:
   - Created the logo and branding of the site
   - UX prototype of the full and mobile version
   - UI design full and mobile version
   - Content design of the site
   - Electronic advertising products
   - Polygraphic advertising production

Brand colors:
Support in content filling - category icons:
Support in content filling - sliders in header:
Site interface:
Functionality of the full and mobile version is duplicated. Differences are only in the layout and arrangement of elements. Here, it is easier to perceive the broad breadboard models of full version, and therefore presented them exactly. Mobile models will be presented at the bottom and not in full, only key pages.
Main page:
The page consists of a cap, footer and desktop. The default desktop has standard icons and a slider, which visitor can change / delete / add. To do this, click on button at bottom of the desktop: "edit the workspace".
The user can use the main page of the site as a desktop, and compile it with the necessary widgets:
The search for spare parts starts with choosing a car:
Specifying parameters of the car - you choose from filtered options:
In the car you find a unit you are interested in:
In the unit, select a required part:
List of offers for found part. Originals and analogues from all suppliers:
The simplified view of the list of offers - for inexperienced users:
Selected items fall into the shopping cart:
Purchase begins with choice of delivery method:
Extended choice of delivery methods:
Order check:
Classic catalog of online store:
Also, except for spare parts you can buy supplies and accessories - using the classic online catalog. But as a result of the choice of goods - customer will be shown offers of purchasing the goods from all possible suppliers.
Card product:
The layout shows collapsed blocks - applicability of the goods to certain cars, customer reviews, history of the brand.
For convenient search for products, the site uses not only auto parts catalogs and classic catalogs. Also used are many other catalogs for easy and quick selection, for your car - tires, maintenance kits, batteries, crankcase protection and much more.
As example - catalog of consumables for maintenance, for selected car:
Or - crankcase crash protection catalog, for selected car:
Personal cabinet has a very wide functionality. You can edit personal information, set up alerts, track and adjust orders, refill balance, view the status and history of orders, configure auto-pick up of goods, view cost statistics, navigate through bookmarks.
Personal cabinet. Privat data & alerts:
Personal cabinet. Service office:
  Personal cabinet. History of orders:
Personal cabinet. Balance replenishment and history of its changes:
Personal cabinet. Statistics of your costs:
Personal cabinet. Garage of cars for quick search:
Personal cabinet. Editing a car:
Proposals from users to expand or change functionality of site:
This project has many more pages.
Only the most important ones are shown here.

And now we turn to advertising products:
 Banners for billboards and posters were developed:
 Advertising banners for placement in and Google-Adwords and Yandex-Direct:
 Developed flash-banners for advertising on internet portals:
Site for auto catalogues

Site for auto catalogues