Elegant Silhouette
Cuba is an occasional table range fabricated from two chromed steel loops. The 20x20mm box section is bent on a 45° so the loops nest neatly. The glass top has 45° polished edge so the three components appear to rest on each other, creating a simplistic outline.

The market may be saturated with coffee table ranges but people still get bored of seeing the same things over and over again. That may not seem like a good enough reason to design a new one, however if you out line a clear set of objectives you can still create something unique. If the result is beautiful then sometimes that’s all the justification you need.
Brochure photography
SolidWorks Model
First Prototype made form steel section and engineering resin
Conceptual renders
Tooling samples
Specially tooled glass proifile
Large square, small square, rectangular coffee tables and side table complete the range.
Mix Interiors: 100% Deisgn preview artical
With thanks to
All the team at Boss Design
Pete Birch (Photographer)