Discovering Oahu
From Maui we flew into Honolulu airport and spent a couple of days exploring the southern end of the island. Our goal was to meet up with the wedding party on the North Shore on day 3- which we did but not until we checked out a few of the more famous spots in, and around, Honolulu. We capped off our stay in this region by an evening meal at the original "Roy's" and it lived up to the billing..!
iPhone photo: Waikiki Beach- downtown Honolulu-  from Diamond Head
Pacific Ocean view from US Military lookout facing South West. On December 7, 1941 the sky was darken with Japanese Zero's heading to Pearl Harbor as seen from this vantage point on Diamond Head.
Tropical vegetation in the Waimea Valley 
Cloudy and rain at first light facing North East near Honolulu
Bird of Paradise in paradise- Waimea Valley, North Shore
Morning clouds starting to break apart- North of Honolulu.
Kahawai Beach Support Park, North Shore near Shark Bay- Oahu
Red Crested Cardinal living the good life in Weimea Valley Botanical Garden near the falls.
A rare "Green Flash" looking over Kahawai Beach Support Park- North Shore, Oahu
Waterfalls at the end of the Waimea Vally Trail- North Shore, Oahu
Sunset along the shoreline- Keike Beach Bungalows, North Shore, Oahu.
Banyan Tree near Turtle Bay Resort- North Shore, Oahu
Eli finally found a fresh coconut and decided to try it out- near Turtle Bay Resort, North Shore, Oahu.
Sand Crab- a permanent resident of Turtle Bay Resort- Oahu, North Shore
Before sun up- Honolulu, Oahu
A beautiful crab perched on a lava bed...
Much appreciated shade- Waiahole State Park
Surf Fishing along the North Shore, Oahu
Hidden Beach near Kaena Point, North Shore
Bonzai Pipeline with small surf.
Water Lillies, Waimea Valley Botanical Gardens
Always within earshot- On the North Shore, Oahu
Surf action from Sunset Beach- North Shore, Oahu.
Just a couple of "Howies" having fun..! Waimea Valley Botanical Trail
Sea Lion ready for some beach time- Near Kaena Point State Park.
Waimea Valley Botanical Gardens
Lāʻie Point State Wayside, Oahu.
Banana Tree bloom- Waimea Valley Botanical Park, North Shore, Oahu
iPhone photo: Morning light- time to start the day on a hammock overlooking Shark Bay, North Shore, Oahu.
Orchids starting to bloom up in the trees- Waimea Valley.
iPhone photo: Lanikai Beach showing showing Moku Nui and Moku Iki
Non usable public restroom.
Outriggers ready for action, Kahaluu Beach
iPhone photo: This one is for #kiteman54
After sunset and before dark... along the Bonzai Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu.
Aquatic life in the shallows near Honolulu.
This is not a pineapple...
Aquatic life in the shallows near Honolulu.
iPhone photo: Blooms at Koko Crater Botanical Gardens, near Honolulu.
iPhone photo: Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve just before sun up near Honolulu.
iPhone photo: Hanauma Bay Life Guard Tower in early AM light.
iPhone photo: Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.