Notte dell'Opera-Sferisterio Off, Macerata, Italia 2012

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  •     Two panels measuring 175 x 400 cm - pencil and yellow acryl - illustrating women (my inspiration were the Italian painter Giovanni Boldini's works). This drawings were exhibited in the Cafeè Venanzetti's Hall, where were also organised a series of  music recitals. 
        The entire project took place in the night of 09.08.2012 in Macerata, the so called "Notte dell'Opera", the White Night, when the entire city was separated in 3 parts, corresponding to the three operas that were performed in this summer season, during the Macerata Opera Festival at the Sferisterio Arena in Italy; these were "La Traviata" by G. Verdi, "La Bohème" by G. Puccini and "Carmen" by G. Bizet. My works were a part of the "Traviata Area".
  • QUOTIDIANO NAZIONALE (fondato nel 1885)
    il Resto del Carlino (anno 127, numero 187) 
    Wednesday, 08.08.2012, Macerata