Project: Book Cover Design for Dissection Simplified: A Lab Manual for Independent Work in Human Anatomy 
Client: California State University, Bakersfield (Revised First Edition, 2017)
Using the cat as a model for major human body systems, this lab manual helps students identify anatomy and complete dissections with an instructor’s help or independently. It features worksheets designed to help students master information quickly. The manual addresses common problems experienced when completing dissections, such as locating specific muscles, knowing when a dissection exercise is truly complete, and successfully preparing for dissection examinations.

Dissection Simplified: A Lab Manual for Independent Work in Human Anatomy by Dr. Danielle Dodenhoff is an effective companion lab manual to standard anatomy textbooks and can be used in any lower-division general human anatomy course. It may also be suitable for high school anatomy courses that use cat dissections to study non-modeled human systems.