What's hidden in the shadows? What is behind the darkness? What's out there, in the places where our eyes cannot see? When the shadow surrounds you, the only way you can watch and see is through your mind. The shadow is dark matter, depth of the universe: through it your thoughts create worlds, places, creatures that have life as long as no light reaches you. The shadow is a place of endless possibilities, and the void of possibilities.

For this reasons, I represented the shadow as a mysterious place, empty, endless,filled with creatures and ethereal ghost towns, where the only light available shines from a pale moon. Inside darkness can be seen the outlines of a world of forms alien to light. Finally, the word shadow is represented with an ambigram, so a typographic synthesis that is mysterious too. Inside it are perceived other worlds without light.

HIGH RES: flickr

Project created for seventh edition of Room 181 fanzine (october 2012) 


Dedicated to UMA.