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Kinetic Mountain [interactive architecture]

One of my strongest memories of my childhood was to go down to the rocks not far from my house with my friends.
Still remember how fun it was to always search for the best path to reach the goal, if it was a flat playground or that perfect slope to sit down and look over the water.
I still get pleasure from visiting the rocks, but now to disconnect from the city stress.
Intro/Future city.
Since the 1950´s urban design has become a large-scale thinking, more related to the local community, such as improving neighbourhoods, calming traffic and expanding housing choices, while keeping housing affordable.

How does one create a space were people could interact and reconnect to the community?

How does one take advantage of the cultural differences?

Can one create a space witch can be transformed over time and merge with the urban pattern, or even better, construct a new one?

A space where the user gets activated.
A flexible structure with diverse expressions, just like us.

Over 8 billion people will live in city’s, or very close to one 2050. City’s all over the world is under transformation.
We tend to consume less energy in dense communities.
One reason is accessibility. If we have everything we need close by we need to travel less.

The future city is reweaving the urban fabric by eco districts, reclaiming and adapts the spaces already existing for new functions.
The territorial boundaries between clear functions are getting more and more erased.
At the same time a good city is imagined by well-defined areas with clear functions and territorial boundaries.
Technical (Concept) requirements
The hydraulic carbon fiber reinforces plastic tubes are generated by the users of canal walkway.
The carbon fiber is exceptionally lightweight and strong and works in both tension and compression.
The material is light and therefore consumes less energy.
The top layer of the small tubes (in light gray on drawing) is in natural rubber to give the user an engaging surface to walk on.
Kinetic Mountain [interactive architecture]

Kinetic Mountain [interactive architecture]

Interactiv architecture for the future.


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