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    Writing and narration for mass market instructional product.
Published DVD Education Product
Script Writing and Narration Project for "Mind Boost in Minutes"
I appear on camera briefly in various cuts of the infomerical, but all of that was written, produced and voiced through a third party specialist agency. My involvement on this project was to create the educational scripts and training prompts for the finished DVD product that was sold in the infomercial.

The creative challenge on this assignment was to research scientific articles and background material on neuroplasticity and turn all of it into a DVD script that sounded authoritative, but didn't get too complicated or boring. I was also tasked to write and narrate all the instructional prompts and menu responses on the DVD for the various programmed games and exercises.
This is a frame grab from the infomercial, which was a separate project from the actual DVD information product that I worked on. Being on set for the shoot was a fun bonus after being in solitary confinement for several weeks writing the product scripts and instructional prompts.
Here is one of the infomercial clips that was used to market the completed DVD.