"Game of thrones" cover design competition
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    I wanted to showcase the idea of a fantasy medieval world, but didn’t want to have knights on horses or battle scenes, ect.
Alpha Books planned to release the epic heroic novel "Game of thrones" (original title "A song of Ice and Fire") in mid-September, so they organized the cover design contest for the publication of the novel from 06/08 to 27/08. Here's my entry.
half part 1 of 1st book - front cover
half part 2 of 1st book - front cover
 half part 1 of 2nd book - front cover
half part 2 of 2nd book - front cover
front covers
front & back covers
 The contest is finished and I'm in top 3, no 1st prize because the publisher still chose original cover :D
More submissions: http://on.fb.me/1K6AFJW