BOZHU Design studio
(Republic of Belarus / 2016)

Authors of the project :

Bobok Vladimir 
BOBOK Krystina 

L-YSTOK  is a product representing our view on the philosophy of modern times.
Strictly, it's a lamp for public and living interiors. In a broad sense, it's a concept of the natural beginning and modern achievements synergy.
The lamp L-YSTOK is a plafond made of coarse grained texture ceramics with diode light.
"The idea conception"


Up-to date design in the evolution of the forms and materials in search for innovations, paradoxical as it may seem, is loosing the variety and originality of its expression. A design looses the national identity of the people who created it when it backslides from tradition. Instead of evolution, traditional national forms and a range of colours disappear and become atasisms.
"Light lines"

We've got back to the basics in our project. We were encouraged by the very idea of creation, harmony with nature, where a man is both a creator and a creation.
We don't deny progress. We don't praise traditions. We try to illustrate the paradox of the interdevelopment and interexistance ot these two notions in our design.
The shape of the lamp reminds of an egg which symbolizes «idea» in our perception. The plafond is made of ceramics that stands for return to the nature, ecofriendly organic materials.
 "Waiting for a miracle"

 "Fruits of the labour"

Material and design

L-YSTOK consists of  decorated national ceramics  (H=400mm, W=205mm).
All the main elements are at the top of the plafond.

 "On the way to the beginning"

Electric energy from the network is trnsformed from 220W into a low-yield current for the diode. The lense  increases the the light intensity to the necessary level.
As a result we get an energy-effective light. Its luminance can be regulated in accordance with the requirements of the place where it's used. We believe such a solution will help to reduce the use of energy without loosing light intensity of the item.
 Structural lamp composition

Thank you for your attention ! ;)