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Eight Tips for Easy Home Renovating in Texas

Decided to finally tackle those renovations on your house? If you’re like most, the word “renovation” can bring on an irrepressible shudder. It can really be a stressful thing if you haven’t done it before or don’t know quite what you’re up against. And hey, it might be even more stressful if you have done it and know exactly what to expect!

But while all renovations are sure to bring about a bit of stress, there are definitely some ways you can make it a more tolerable (and maybe even pleasant?) experience. Here are seven tips for an easier experience with home renovating.

Tip #1 - Start Small

Who said a renovation needs to be expensive and time-consuming? If you’re a first-timer, it’s a good idea to start small. You don’t necessarily need to knock down a wall to make some great changes. Why not paint a few walls and spruce up your rooms that way? Another great way to make some small changes that have big effects is to change your fixtures. By simply changing light plates or faucet handles, you can do a lot to upgrade the look of your home.

Tip #2 – Educate Yourself

As with pretty much anything, you are going to have an easier time renovating if you know what you’re doing. Makes sense, right? Educate yourself on the renovation you plan to do before you start. Those who jump into a project without doing the necessary homework first are bound to have problems. Ask experts for advice. You can even use YouTube for tutorials on how to do specific smaller projects.

Tip #3 - Plan and Prepare Every Detail First

This goes along with the idea of educating yourself, but now you are looking at your specific home and making the necessary preparations. You should have a plan of what you will do before you do it. It might be a good idea to write your plans down, step by step. Doing this will ensure that you have thought through your plan well and will help you avoid problems once you get started.

Tip #4 – Do It Right the First Time

Ever done something and then had to do it again because it just wasn’t good enough? Sometimes we try to do something the easy or cheap way, hoping it will pass as “good enough.” But when it comes to your house and renovations, it is so much easier to do it right the first time. Use the right tools and right materials. And certainly do a renovation you will be happy with for years to come. No need to do a renovation twice (once now and again in a few years.)

Tip #5 – Be Exact With Your Measurements

This may seem like an obvious statement, but you’d be surprised at how often it is “disobeyed.” Sometimes people overestimate their abilities or the difficulty of a project, and instead of being exact in their measurements, they simply estimate. Really, it is easier to simply take the time to get the exact measurements. Then you won’t get to the middle (or worse, the end) of a project and realize you need to backtrack.

Tip #6 – Check If You Need a Permit or Approval

Often, if you are changing big things in your home, you will need a permit or approval from a local council. These approvals sometimes take a while to process, so don’t procrastinate. Plan your renovations well in advance, so you can start them in a timely manner.

Tip #7 – Consider Consulting With a Professional First

Before you start any big renovations, you might want to consult with an architect or other structural engineer. Doing so can save you a lot of headache once you’ve gotten started. You’ll want to make sure your renovations won’t disrupt or threaten the structural safety of your home. You don’t want to go breaking down the wrong walls. Asking a professional is a much easier and safer way to go than trying to figure it out yourself.

Tip #8 – Implement Technology With the Renovation, Not After.

Many people don't think of including home security, home automation or Solar as part of a home renovation. Typically these come as afterthoughts. Don't make the same mistake that many thousands of others have made. By including these type of technologies in your renovation, you not only can reduce the cost of your general living expenses moving forward, but you will also save yourself the headache of having to tear open your house again. Some people go with home security/technology companies to do this for you and while that is a good way to go, there are usually too many options to choose from. Home Security Guide has done a great job in helping resolve this by reviewing contractors and tech companies that will save your sanity and save you dollars.