Tall as a house
Illustration for SVA portfolio class based on the 'Secretly' poem by Ruth Roston.

Secretly I loved the giants
fee-fo-fuming their way
through fairy tales- great
bumblers they were, falling
down beanstalks, never quite
right in the head, never a match
for the gutsy tailor or the boy
with a slingshot
Consider the giant-
put yourself in his place.
You're as tall as a house,
can't take a step without
flattening a field, toppling
a barn. Who can you talk to?
Never a voice- just roars 
and grunts of the giants
you battle. No conversation,
no style.
By the end of the day
it's comfort you want, a good fire,
bags of silver to count.
What you need is a snooze after dinner, your harp
to play you to sleep.
Ah harp that sings of Time
before time, songs of your race,
the Titans.
You dream that nothing can touch
this room, this castle.
When a visitor comes, all sweaty
with climbing, he's too stringy
to eat, too stupid to talk to.
The Beanstalk shakes with your rage
and you can't fall asleep
for hours.'

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Tall as a house

Tall as a house



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