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    Handmade typeface turned in to a font
Hand-drawn typography has recently emerged as a growing trend in print and digital medias. This is due in part from the fact that designers, illustrators, and art directors are struggling to stand out in a digital age. Basic desktop publishing and word processors skills have become blase; even neighborhood garage sale signs can be printed at home rather than being scrawled in permanent marker.

Objectives of the project: a further understanding of letterform construction, mastering the pen tool in illustrator and in FontLab, an introduction to font design, FontLab, and CSS.

Noted is a typeface based off of a friend and her unique style. She began with Pinning different things on Pintrest based on her style and her likes. This was created into a mood board, which I then took that style and made my own typeface. 

I now have a font with a full character set, numbers, key punctuation, and 6 lowercase letters. This font was created through FontLab and Adobe Illustrator.

See the full project on http://cargocollective.com/alexmilbourn
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