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    A music video for the album named Aokigahara: The Black Sea of Trees, published by Wounded Wolf Private Press.

This is a music video piece I made for the latest release from our record/press label, Wounded Wolf Private Press.

Album Title: Aokigahara: The Black Sea of Trees
Track Name: IIIA
This is a collaboration album by Alper YILDIRIM and Atay Ilgün.

Aokigahara is a legendary woodland in Japan. Known for it’s hundreds of suicides and ephemera related and hint giving of their story left behind by the leavers.The album focuses on the sense of loss.

Sometimes welcoming, giving one a place to be, a place one can dissolve into and ring as one in the earth. A bliss, a meditation on not being, a relief from human natures cruelty and itself forever. But sometimes one can’t shake of the feelings of lost grace, a once green and sunny heart turning into a disintegrating piece of coal with the truths and the lies. These emerge feelings of darkness, despair and a definite isolation against the world.

And all these form a deep meditation upon giving your live, returning to the soil in a ceremonial gesture and the expecting a bliss of “not being” within the shades.

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Art by Wounded Wolf
Music by Alper YILDIRIM and Atay Ilgün
Video by Alper YILDIRIM