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The color black relates to the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, and as a result, it creates an aura of mystery and it's said to also give protection from external emotional stress. Because this color is so meaningful we couldn't help but to bring you inspirations of black buffets and cabinets for a retro look.
A new take on one of Boca do Lobo’s most iconic pieces, the Diamond undergoes a process of Metamorphosis (pun intended, since it's the name of the piece) and enters a new aesthetic realm.
The bugs have a philosophical connotation of the word that originates from Kafka’s prime work, the Diamond Metamorphosis Sideboard questions the meaning of beauty and seeks to provoke a reaction.
Inspired by the composition and typology of our famous Mondrian Buffet, Mondrian Cabinet arises with the aim of satisfying a different function. Intended to be a bar, this seductive piece brings a new form to the Mondrian family and is specially arranged to make it a perfect home for your splendid liquors and fine distilled spirits.
The Victoria Cabinet is a seductive piece that transcends both traditional and modern boundaries. Each fusion of art and design is handcrafted from the finest materials by master artisans using production methods developed to preserve traditional techniques and deliver the highest quality.
Giving preciousness to common materials is the distinct characteristic of the Forest Cabinet - such as it is for many other Boca do Lobo's pieces. The colors, the mixture of materials, the creative chaos and the triumph of simple solutions marks this as an amazingly simple piece.

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