In 2008 I joined the Depthcore Collective. Depthcore is an international art collective focused on modern digital art, 
incorporating illustration, photography, animation and audio. Established by Justin Maller and Kevin Stacey in 2002, 
our membership is comprised of artists from all over the world, united by their love for art, and their passion for innovation.

Every three to four months, the Depthcore Collective puts forth a collection of digital media and modern artwork contributed by 
our members in what are colloquially referred to as "Chapters". Chapters contain anywhere from 50 to 150 selected works from 
various mediums, including illustration, photography, music, animations, and collaborative works. The releases are themed, and 
require each member to contribute their own interpretation of a central idea or concept. The themes are only as binding as the 
members imagination allows them to be, and artists are free to project any construction of the subject they desire.

Here are my submissions to the chapters released in 2010:

Released Sunday 14th February 2010

An excerpt from the official press release:

"In this Chapter, artists both old and new have submitted their interpretations of a concept that greatly excited us as a collective from the moment it was first suggested. Our members have created over eighty original pieces, including strong showings across all mediums, examining and interpreting the theme to produce work that deals predominately with time and transition; calms before storms, moments before change, instants before impact." 
"Love Pizza"
"Mister Midnight"
"Night Cereus"

Released Sunday 18th July 2010

An excerpt from the official press release:

"One of our most thematic relevant Chapters ever, 'MYTHIC' is the result of five months of careful planning, research and stylistic experimentation from the collective. The slow creative process has resulted in a Chapter that has been meticulously crafted, workshopped from sketches through to completed pieces, thoroughly taking advantage of the collaborative collective experience. Several of the pieces presented in this collection were composed over the course of several months, taking on board feedback from our artist base at each stage of completion to try and fully realize their full potential, and ultimately create a Chapter that is carefully considered, conceptualized and executed."

Technical pen on marker paper, ink, watercolour and stock photos. Digitally coloured using Photoshop CC
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