Bella Freud - Fashion Television Feature
This was one of the most inspiring projects Ive done in my life. Bella Freud, London-based designer, and daughter of painter Lucien Freud asked me to collaborate on the project that would feature her new collection of knitwear. I called it The Journey To The End Of The Night - as a tribute to my favorite book by Louis Ferdinand Celine. For 8 months, I traveled in Europe and US and took self portraits only at nights - just me and my tripod. It was not always safe, I got mugged by a gang of eight in London - right at the moment when I was photographing myself - the only thing I managed to keep was the camera with the photo safe and sound inside. Another time I was chased by a motorcycle gang that was raiding London then by breaking into poshest boutiques at nights. After each scary experience I would come home and swear that I will not do it again... But of course I couldn't stop, it was like a drug - to own the night and create beautiful images.   
Each photograph was supposed to be a "still" from a dream - either Bella's or mine. This one is a dream of having a Unicorn as a friend.
My family always traveled when I was young, so I never really had a home.
I was mugged minutes after I took this photo in South London. They took all of my possessions and I got home only in my underwear and in bare feet. But I saved the photo!!!
Growing up in Belarus after the fall of the Soviet Union I was swept into UFO fetish that the country was going through. Every day, newspaper headlines screamed about new abductions, impregnations, and visitations. When I was 6 years old every night I would stand on the balcony and longingly gaze at the sky hoping that a beautiful Alien Prince will come and abduct me.
Just Moonlight in Northern California