Alteration of Wheel-Thrown Ceramic Forms
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    Collection of teapots and related teapots created for the 2012 Student Research Conference at Truman State University
Alteration of Wheel-Thrown Ceramic Forms
Utilizing skills I have learned inmy past two semesters of ceramics, I have created a body of work that is morecomplex. There are many ceramic artists, such as Ray Bub, who take thrownforms, cut them in pieces, and reassemble those pieces to create abstract yetfunctional pieces In the same way, I started by throwing bottomless forms onthe wheel and then changed my focus to work off the wheel. Using theversatility of the clay as my main tool, I combined simple thrown formstogether and used different carving techniques to alter the pieces in a varietyof ways. With these five teapots and related forms, I want to demonstrateunique pieces that walk the line between functional and sculptural.