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Insomnia Kitchen is the first of its kind for those who are nocturnal by choice or by compulsion!

IK offers wonderfully fresh, healthy, and palatable meals and drinks throughout the night till the early hours of the morning. Now whether you have to stay up all night because of work, fun or studies, the hunger pangs will cause no more trips to the kitchen rummaging for left- over food. IK offers all hunger solutions at a single phone call. Be it the revelries of a festive season, casual pyjama parties, or an all night exam preparation, figuring out what to eat and where to get it from is no more an issue!

Wasabi is the first in town to offer top-quality, authentic Japanese cuisine, at your own dining table. We are a team of highly dedicated professionals with food & beverage knowledge, and as well as local and global exposure.

Our kitchen is a laboratory for innovation, and we thrive on creating new ways to present best of our imported ingredients each season has to offer. For us, it is all about giving our customers little surprises that will lead them to make discoveries about their own latent tastes.
Redesigning - Aspire Auction. The background images are featured products. They're meant to change.
Seventh Dimension - It's the website for my clothing brand. 
Jonas Bronck's Beer Co. Done the website as well as teeshirts, labels, buttons, badges, posters. In short, complete branding. 
Uouneko - Did this website a few months ago and it featured as best of the webs of that month, approximately 5 timeswww,
A news letter template design.
Mock Design for teeshirt4hire.
Mock Design for my photographer buddy, Kirol.
One of the templates that I sold, when I started web dukaan. I did this design a couple of years back. 
This was my first ever web template design. 
Web Design done for Buksh Group. Kind of low life people there, you won't really want a client like them. 
This is an old design, I did this social networking website for a university project. It came out pretty cool, unfortunately I don't have the files anymore but it was classic.