When In Solitude
An experimental graphic exploration of isolation, non-communication and its effects on the human body, mind and psyche.
Bachelor of Arts by 
Simon Anderseck www.simonanderseck.de
2 books
280 pages
1 packaging/wrapping
1 interactive installation
1 concept
There are two areas that are most isolated for mankind: antartica and outer space. The two books take us in these areas in a graphic experimental way.
They contain several kinds of papers and materials. The black version deals with the travel into space and is printed on "Black Magic Natural Paper". The typography and all texts in this book are printed in the 5th color White on a special printing machine.
The white book (antartica) is printed on "Druckfein Hochweiß" which has a soft, smooth surface feel and reminiscents of snowy areas.
All graphics are either handmade (with following digital editing) or shot with Canon 550D.
The graphics have reference to the chapters as the paper material has too, on which they are printed. Further papers in use are: "Sirio Pearl Polar Dawn, Polyester SK, PVC Monomer SK, Cromatico digital, Gmund Snow transparent".
The wrapper is printed on a adhesive special foil (also with the color white).