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    Summer is full of great food with old friends. This is a series of food experiences I've been lucky enough to have.
Summer Foods
Great eats over the last few months
A summer full of great homeade meals and drinks can't be beat!  Samantha and I have experimented with many new foods, and refined some old ones.  

Photos credits due to   Samantha Hughes 
steamed clams, blonde ale, and two types of pasta.
fresh corn, chunky tomato basil soup, roasted potatoes with brussel sprouts and herbed butter. 
Cedar Plank Salmon, roasted corn and veggie skewers! 
Marinated Veggie Skewers,,, SOOO GOOD!!!
homeade pizza
homeade pizza with basil and cherry tomatoes
homeade cupdakes
Blackberry Cobbler

Banana Pudding
banana pudding
Blueberries which led to blueberry beer
After brewing beer, I make my special "spent grain bread"
homeade beer sitting down by the river.