Photography Series: Portraits
Digital Photography
ART 164 Introduction to Digital Photography
Spring 2015

In this conceptual series project, inspiration was taken from the Cubist paintings of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque and in particular, photographic collages created by contemporary artist David Hockney.

Cubist artists created their work by reducing and fracturing their subjects into geometric forms and realigning the subject within a two-dimensional space, using multiple perspectives and contrasting vantage points. Often times, the artists enhanced the sense of depth with a reference to motion and time.

Photography is a medium for freezing time and motion. The image created represents a one-of-a-kind, sliver of ephemera that is recorded for posterity. The portraiture work created for this series attempts to explore forms of cubism through the use of photographic collage and image manipulation. For me, it is an attempt to satisfy my innate curiosity for ways to create unique and different perspectives.