YOHOHO / Creatives for the brave.
Brand Identity

YOHOHO is a network of pirate creatives, storytellers and artists united under the same flag. Its mission is to overthrow the status quo of the present creative industry with new ideas and with a bold, sustainable, lively business model responding to the present-day demands. YOHOHO is not an agency. It has no structure. It knows no limits. The crew works simultaneously from New York, Asunción, Venice, and Milan following the motto: We are YOHOHO. Creatives for the brave.

YOHOHO’s identity is the pirate world reinterpreted in a modern way and a constant declaration of war. Beginning with its logo, where "Y" and "O" call to mind the peace symbol upside-down.

YOHOHO is a pirate network that connects creatives from all over the world. That’s why yohoho.studio opens with a map that graphically marks the coordinates of the founders and the partners, thanks to an app that geolocates the YOHOHO’s crew in real time.

YOHOHO – Brand Identity