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Jake Aldridge is an urban artist combining his roots in rap with an infectious brand of R&B infused pop and he has returned with his latest single 'Fireman'.

Featuring Lisa Ambrose, who contributes her vocals to the catchy chorus line, 'Fireman' is a song of lost love, put across expertly with Jake's well-crafted lyrics and flowing style. Unfortunately, Jake has encountered this theme in the past, most notably when he lost his father at the age of eleven.

Whilst this experience has affected him deeply, it has inevitably leaked into his music, providing a much more meaningful and poignant level to what Jake is doing.

Watch the video for 'Fireman' here:
In the past, Jake has had his music played on Playboy TV, Tom Robinson's BBC Radio 6 mixtape and Zone radio's top 40 charts where he reached no.1.

If you love your music videos with a good story as well, make sure you check out 'Fireman'. It might just have you in tears by the end...