selected logos

The following is a series of several logos I designed in recent years, collaborating with some stupendous colleagues and clients. Hope you enjoy!
client: Tail & Fin Sushi Burritos
agency: 3 Martini Lunch
creative direction: Selena Pepe
client: Charged Branding
agency: Charged Branding
client: Trailhead Health
agency: Charged Branding
client: Paint Network
client: Murmur Cafe
agency: Charged Branding
notes: It's an ambigram!
client: Elation Dispensary (now Essence Cannabis Dispensary)
agency: Virgen Advertising
creative direction: James Russell
notes: Sadly, this logo went unused as regulatory officials deemed the name too recreational.
client: New Sanctuary Alliance
notes: Pro bono
client: Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas
agency: Virgen Advertising
notes: Logo for the 2015-2016 campaign.
client: Provident Trust Group
agency: In-house
contributor: David Farrow