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The most sought after question that is of interest to many web store owners is migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. You are proposed to cope with the challenge by deepening the knowledge. Having studied the subject in great details you’re able to renew your web store without much effort.
First of all, it’s necessary to realize switching Magento 1 over Magento 2 is not a regular upgrade. Magento 1 and Magento 2 are separate platforms that differ from each other. If you’ve decided to upgrade the current version to Magento 2, you’ll have to create a new web store and replicate all the functionality used on Magento 1. Undoubtedly, migration takes time depending on customer preferences. That’s why before taking the plunge, you should get an idea why it is worth altering.

Some Magento 2 extensions are very suitable for your Magento store:
There are 2 significant reasons you should pay attention to:
1. The official support for Magento 1 will be ending on December 2018 that implies Magento will not produce further security patches for prospective issues.
2. Magento 2 empowers opportunities for your new webstore filling with new features:
__* fast page load time;
__* add-to-cart server response time;
__* end-to-end checkout time;
__* more catalog pages;
__* responsive web design approach;
__* cutting edge technology.
All the mentioned features encourage customers to purchase items while increasing your sales.
Having assured your webstore needs transforming, learn the steps taken for migration.

1. The first stage implies discussion with the developer responsible for your project. The functionality you’d like to have on your new store, possible product types and category structure, marketing tools and additional services that are to implement should be defined.

2. Analyzing the current version of your website you determine which features should be transferred to a new one including the modules used. Besides, products, customers and orders from the previous version can be transferred without any effort. As for the modules used earlier, it’s necessary to check what modules you’ve had on the old shop and see how this functionality can be reproduced in Magento 2. Normally, the most important modules already have versions for Magento 2 and it’s easy to install and configure them.
having access to admin panel and SSH, the developer is able to analyze the current state of your site;
after checking all the existing modules, the list of suggestions regarding new integrations is created;
the developer needs to check if the modules used are available on the market having the same functionality as existing;
defining what database resources of your modules need transferring.

3. Focusing on the appearance of the website you can choose creating from scratch or using the developed design ready for customization. It should be mentioned creating from scratch takes more time than using ready-made desicions. But depending on your wishes design is being created with common characteristics or distinctive extraordinary features. In addition, on this stage you’re provided with specification including features for implementation as well as functionality you need to achieve and means to meet each requirement from a technical point of view.

4. After updating Magento 2 and making sure it’s functioning properly, all the existing data is transferred to the new ready-made website.
__* switching Magento 1 system in maintenance mode
__* accomplishing incremental updates
__* launching Magento 2 cron jobs
__* caching pages
__* performing final Magento 2 store verification
__* checking supported payment gateways in the text mode
__* changing DNS, load balancers
That said, the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is a long-duration process that propels your webstore to the next level making you remain up-to-date with evolving technology. In this case, the essential condition is to find a highly skilled expert.
Don’t know where to search? Write us and our team of experienced professionals helps achieve your target!