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    Shots for presenting Pirot on a calendar.
Pirot (Serbian Cyrillic: Пирот) is a town and municipality located in south-eastern Serbia. According to 2011 census, the town has a total population of 38,785, while the population of the municipality is 57,928. The town is the administrative center of the Pirot District.
       The municipality has rich geographical features, including the mountains of Stara Planina, Vlaška Planina, Belava, Suva Planina, and rivers which flow through the town, including Nišava, Jerma, Rasnička Reka, Temštica and the Visočica, and four lakes, the Zavoj Lake, Berovacko Lake, Krupac Lake; Sukovo Lake etc...
       The town has a rich culture, with notable Orthodox church buildings, including the Church of St. Petka, and the monastery of St. Georges ans St. John the Theologian from the late 14th century, both of whom display a fine example of medieval Serbian architecture. Pirot is known for its traditional woven carpet, the Pirot Kilim (Pirotski ćilim).
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