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    A series of short commercials for an independent Russian juice brand.
The Juice We've Grown '11

This is an integrated campaign for one of the last remaining independent juice brands in Russia, Pridonye Gardens («Сады Придонья»). Everything was shot in the actual gardens — with handcrafted machines used to demonstrate various product facts and benefits. The campaign consisted of TV films promoting the website where one could walk through the gardens "for real", using a custom Street View tech. We shot more than 100 km of the real gardens with a 360º camera and "gamified" the experience by adding the achievements for avid explorers.
VO: We are proud of our vast gardens and we want everyone to have a chance to walk around them. Pour some juice in your glass and come over to progulkaposadu.ru
Translated VO: There are 60 kinds of apples in our gardens, but only the green make it into the "Green Apples" juice. Learn everything about our apples at progulkaposadu.ru
Creative Director – Mikhail Kudashkin
Copywriter – Ivan Dergachev
Art Director – Maria Gladkova