In 2014 it will be Topshop’s 50th anniversary. Topshop is known as the style setter and star of many womens’ wardrobes, but over the years have become so much more! From the charities they sponsor to their work at London Fashion Week, Topshop’s love of everything fashion knows no bounds! They started out life way back in 1964. Since those humble beginnings in the basement of a department store they have grown up and now have over 300 stores in the UK alone and ship to more than 100 countries and their eclectic British style is known all over the world.

I felt this is a landmark for the brand and is a perfect time for Topshop to reinforce the brand and celebrate how far the company has come in 50 years. I have chosen to create Topshop’s very own golden jubilee celebration with a Topshop Edge. I chose the theme of Jubilee because it is a time to celebrate and give thanks as well as look back on past achievements. The idea of Topshop being like royalty was in relation to their high status on the high street. I have created a series of promotional pieces for the campaign involving in store graphics, created website pages, promotional commemorative bags and other media to support the campaign.

These screens show the Jubilee message page which is the official message to the customers as well as information about the golden tickets and where you can find one to be able to attend one of Topshop’s exclusive golden jubilee street parties being held around the UK.

Social Media is a big part of promotion in todays society. These are the facebook and Twitter pages highlighting Topshop’s Golden Jubilee. They will feature notifications about Golden Tickets in store promotions such as the commemorative bags and it allows customers engage with each other about the event, for example let people know when they have won a golden ticket to an exclusive Topshop street party!
As part of saying thank you to the customers I have created commemorative Topshop Golden Jubilee bag which are free with every purchase in the Topshop jubilee month. With every bag comes a special hand sealed envelopes which holds a special golden jubilee offer. A limited number of envelopes hold a golden ticket inviting the lucky finder to one of Topshop’s exclusive golden jubilee street parties being held around the UK.
These are some visualisations of the in store graphics. The flags draping from the building outside the shop make a statement of high status and will stand out from the other shops on the high street. The in store stickers are to create build up to the event and to make people aware that the campaign is going to take place followed by the promotional stickers once the campaign is launched in June 2014.
The lucky finders of the golden tickets will able to attend one of Topshop’s Exclusive Golden Jubilee street party which will travel to all major cities throughout the UK. Topshop’s Jubilee street party will take place in its very own Topshop high street with each shop being a different era of Topshop. It will also involve a fashion show highlighting new trends of the season where the catwalk is the tables, live music and a great street party atmosphere!
I have created a small editorial piece available to pick up in store and receive with purchases online for customers to read about why Topshop show are celebrating 50 years. This features the Topshop jubilee message as well as a brief history of the company and also highlights the golden tickets and street party events. As well as an editorial piece it also folds out into a poster which customers can hang on their wall as an artistic piece and a reminder of the campaign.