Type: school end of year work
Year: 2012
Asked: end of year's projetc

Concept: this is an editorial work for school, for the end of my studies wich subject was the main french poets of the 19th century.

The concept is about structure and colors.
I did structure my work according the calendar of the french Revolution that was used during the 18th century and early 19th century (and other moments during that time). I didn't want to use the classic "chapter one: bla bla bla", "chapter two: bla bla bla", I wanted something more personal and the calendar was that idea.

The colors I did chose for the pictures are linked with the seasons. For the months of winter: blue tones, white tones, for the months of spring and summer: colourful tones, for the months of autumn: pale tones.

The poems I did chose were linked with the seasons too: for the poets of the winter, you'll read poems about death and sadness, on the spring poems about nature and love, in the summer poems about love and joy, in the autumn poems about melancoly and solitude.

In the pictures, there is a "movement progression" to fit with the concept of the calendar, a year passing by but starting again and again, the pictures show a body in a "closed" position stretching and stretching until the body is totaly "open" to start closing again but not completely because a year never dies, it "restarts" again like a poetic movement, it has an "end" but not a total end, the movement "dies" to reborn in a new one.

Note: Yes, I'm the only model in here... Not an egocentric person but as the friends I asked to do the models were not able anymore I did it by myself. I would not let go this project just because of a lack of models.