Family on Board - PassporTo UK Collection
"PassporTo is a new and unique travel guide concept for families on the go.

Each country-specific PassporTo active travel guide pack contains a selection of knowledge-intensive games covering a variety of destination country subjects - sports, culture, history, general information, cities, national traditions, tourist attractions and more."

I was commissioned to produce character illustrations to be used across all of the Family on Board collections and design the entire UK collection of products. During the character design process, I was given a lot of direction from Pixar who provided me sketches to work from and influence the style of all of my designs.
PassporTo Family Characters - These characters are used across all Passporto collections
Printed A3 Map of the UK, featuring landmarks where stickers are placed over line drawings
UK map crop
UK map crop
This is the reverse side of the map, containing games and puzzles all relating to UK landmarks
Games and puzzles crop
Stickers for UK map landmarks
My favourite illustration from the collection