Designing the UX framework of a fashion e-commerce website
Based on key use cases, a user flow was mapped which set the foundation for the high-level info architecture. The target persona were first-time visitors and regular shoppers. An insight on the IA facilitated the design thinking in terms of navigation & layout, to enable wayfinding and a seamless buying experience.
The landing page, product catalog & product details pages were designed as key entry & access points. Despite having placeholder content, the information hierarchy (categories, products, product info, recommended, reviews, filters, etc.) was organised and led to easier decisions during implementation.
The checkout process was a wizard navigation to guide the users through the process while providing them with relevant information. Due to time constraints, there were a few missing ends (such as no visibility of cart after step 1), but it was conveyed to the developer team in a separate documentation.
This project was a deadline-driven UX effort to provide the engineering team with a framework to build the website and later accompanied with design support during the implementation phase. In the absence of research, a consensus among key stakeholders was the driving factor in most design & technology decisions.