The prose
       1616/Arita Japan produces Japanese porcelains which have been made from great traditional skills and modern design. It leads this brand to tell a wide range of stories from the past to the present and even the future. This brand can be symbolised as a ‘prose’ which can contain versatile stories in a book. As its name is rooted from a Japanese region, Arita, all contents in this book, such as photos, writings, are researched in the Arita.
The prose has three parts: root, stem, and tree. The roots represent 1616/Arita Japan’s tradition over 400 years, and the stem represents the harmony with modern design. Lastly, the tree illustrates the future that would grow with soil from the past and present. 

Part 1. Root
The products are not shown directly. It is based on Arita’s landscape, texture, and colours to represent the brand’s tone of voice. It must have the composition and sensation that reminds of 1616/Arita ceramics.
Part 2. Stem
 The porcelains are shown directly. The products and background objects are shot together to symbolise its brand value, ‘Permeated into evertday life”. Diverse everyday products are shot in many different places and time with everyday materials.
Layout & Editorial design
Brand Book
The overall design of brand book is intended to symbolise Arita pocelain which has square shape with light grey and uncoated surface. It also has debossed letters on the front and back side inspired by the porcelains. 
The prose
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