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Synnøve Finden - Kefi

Animating frame by frame to the movement of different people on this commercial for KEFI by Synnøve Finden.
This is a mashup of all 6 commercials and with some deleted scenes.
Fun and energizing idea from the people at Kitchen.

Client: Synnøve Finden
Agency: Kitchen
Producer: Elisabeth Nøstvik 
Project Manager: Karoline Bye Olerud
AD: Kristine Alsaker
Director of photography: Pål Laukli 
Camera/editors: Pål Laukli & Eirik Tyrihjel 
Illustration: Daniel Bansal Dahn
Animation: Daniel Bansal Dahn
Grade: The Mill London
Sound: Filip Gold
Copywriter: Ole Ovrelid
Consultant: Hans Moe
Synnøve Finden - Kefi


Synnøve Finden - Kefi

A commercial I animated for Synnøve Findens new drink Kefi.