LPG Cylinder Booking
Facilitate a design thinking workshop with a team of intrapreneurs, and design an interactive prototype to validate their service design concept of seamlessly booking an LPG cylinder. 
The team had done some user research prior to the workshop and the most common pain point of the key persona was visibility & control during the delivery process.
Session 1 of the workshop was about doing our homework. So, the team & I came up with concepts (user flow, key features & sketches) around which the prototype would be designed the following day. We used Google Sprints voting methodology to capture best ideas to incorporate in the high-fidelity prototype. Due to time-constraints, we catered to the primary use case of the booking experience for first-time users.
Session 2 was about the intrapreneur team validating our paper prototypes with internal stakeholders. While they were guerilla testing, I designed the wireframes keeping in mind the takeaways & learning from the previous session (as they did not have the technical expertise to prototype). The design effort was to keep the booking process minimal, while providing visibility to key features.
After session 2, the intrapreneur team recruited potential users (9-10 participants) to test the interactive prototype, and collated feedback which had consensus from most users. For instance, most users found the process of registration before even booking the cylinder a hindrance in the flow. Also, the wizard navigation was a distraction to some users apparently.
The designs were refined considering most relevant feedback in accordance with the business goals and the output was the following screens.

This was a pilot project as the intrapreneur team was curious about the journey of building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with methods of Research, User needs, Business goals, Design thinking, User testing & Implementation. I was glad to be a part of the design thinking & prototyping phase, while sharing & learning from the stakeholders involved.

LPG Cylinder Booking