• Sketches for AJORÍ
  • Sketches of AJORÍ, winner of the first prize of Crafts of Castilla La Mancha 2011 in the category of design applied to the crafts
    "We observe, peel and cut several bulbs of purple garlic. We were impressed by the elegance of lines that define the form of each piece, the peculiar texture of his skin, his diversity of forms. In front of our eyes appeared a set of containers arranged on a tray, about a stem or handle. Between the diverse offers of design that we wanted to propose, this one was showing with total clarity the functionality that we were looking for: a cruet with form of garlic."
  • Inspiración: CARLOS JIMÉNEZ/ photoAlquimia
    Diseño y modelización: JORGE O. VIÑAS, CARLOS JIMÉNEZ, PILAR BALSALOBRE/ photoAlquimia
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