St, Mary's Menston:Identity Posters 
Poster series around school using the St. Mary's identity standard, from A3–A0 size
A0 size poster
The framed posters and press cuttings around our school were outdated (often over 20 years old and in one case 42 years old!), in a wide variety of different shapes and often not specifically for our school.

Under a plan to sweep away the old frames and replace them, we made posters using our St. Mary's Menston identity standard and a standard aluminium frame design (one of the cheapest available – they are an order of magnitude cheaper than the expensive frames they are replacing).

The design template created on InDesign has so far been used at A4, A3, A2, A1 and even A0 size. In the future, perhaps 2A0 size could be used in larger areas such as our hall. We can print up to the A3 size in school on our Epson R2880 printer and we order the larger sizes from Quarmby Colour in Leeds. They are printed on 220 micron PVC.

We have total control over the content (unlike press cuttings or posters provided by others). So far there are 14 different posters in the series that have been put up around school. We have been able to highlight our near 50 year school history using the posters -– such as records of award winners, past school productions and the Martyrs who have given their names to our school's form groups. The text can often
 come straight from our press releases, website reports or newspaper articles.

The new designs are very popular. Pupils praised the 'cle
an' look and enjoy pointing themselves out in the posters to their friends and families. Staff like the purple pull quotes and appreciate how our pupils' achievements can be celebrated in the posters mere days after the news story (in some cases the day after).
A0 size can accommodate many photographs
It is still clear which newspaper the article originated from
The different font sizes in the stories share the same baseline